Hello, I’m

Farbod Haji

A Creative Digital Marketer
Who Boosts Your Online Presence
About Me

An innovative Digital Marketer based in Berlin, with a rich experience of over 5 years in marketing.

Specializes in E-Commerce and SEO

I am a digital marketing specialist with a passion for e-commerce and SEO. I have extensive experience in managing online shops and enhancing user experience. I have in-depth knowledge of SEO, customer journey, and website optimization. I employ various tools and strategies to maximize the performance and expand the visibility of e-commerce websites. My proficiency in utilizing diverse digital tools empowers me to drive exceptional outcomes and improve user experience. Notably, I secured top rankings in Google’s search results for targeted keywords for different projects.

My Expertise


As an SEO expert with 3+ years of experience, I have delivered top rankings, traffic, and sales for various projects using diverse digital tools. I am always learning new trends and techniques in SEO and digital marketing.

Website Development

I have extensive experience building functional, attractive, and user-friendly websites using WordPress, WooCommerce, online shops, and more.

Research and Data Analysis

I use my research and data analysis skills to identify current trends and key topics, optimize SEO strategies, and measure the performance and ROI of my digital marketing campaigns.


Google Analytics

Technical SEO

Content Marketing

Keyword Research

My Experience



Digital Marketing Specialist

I used SEO and web development tools to boost online rankings, conversions, and visibility. I also did market research and content creation to drive growth and engagement.



Content Marketing Strategist

I improved traffic, PageRank, and monetization at iPhoneRocks using SEO, Google AdSense, and content marketing.